Celebrant Information in Dundee - Your Questions Answered

How Much does it Cost?

The cost is £180.  This includes the initial meeting which will last between 1 - 2 hours, During this time I will gather all the information I need to be able to compile the eulogy and will work with you to decide on every small detail of your service.  Everything I write will always be sent to you for final changes and approval.

How Much Impact Can I Have?

This is your day and it has to be your way.  My role is to guide you and support you and to try, where it is at all possible to incorporate everything that is important to you to make this something of substance and of value.  Nothing will be said or done without your prior approval.  Together, we will make this incredibly special day.

Can the Family Speak as Well?

Absolutely!  I would actively encourage family members or friends to read a poem or offer their personal tribute.  You only have one shot to get this right and I believe the more involvement of family and friends  - the more real,meaningful and memorable the service will be.

Celebrant or Humanist?

If you are sure you do not want a full religious church service then you can choose a Humanist - that option has absolutely no religious influence at all Alternatively you can choose a Celebrant like myself.  With that choice you have much more freedom to chose exactly what you want.  Your Ceremony for example could contain a prayer or a religious poem amongst the other elements you wish.

What Does a Celebrant Do?

Celebrant information in Dundee can be hard to find. I meet with the family and friends of the person who has passed away. My focus will be on the service and how to use that time to pay a fitting tribute to your loved one.  During our discussion we will put in place an  Order of Service and gather all the information needed for the eulogy. On the day, I usually lead the service standing at the front and addressing the congregation.

How do I Prepare for Your Visit?

When I meet with you  for the first  time in your home, it is always helpful if you have  had a chance to think abut certain things before our meeting.  I always email you a form that has a number of questions in it that will be helpful for putting together the Order of Service and the Eulogy.  I always find clients appreciate the space to think about this rather than being put on the spot when we first meet.